One Billion Acres Of Natural Beauty Surrounds Norilsk

Norilsk Flowers
Norilsk is Home to Pretty Flowers
spring flowers bloom in norilsk
Spring Bloom in Norilsk

Green and Clean

So clean, blue and transparent is the air above Norilsk that when standing on tippy toes Sarah Palin can be seen just above the horizon. The virgin fields surrounding Norilsk are awash in flora and fauna. More bio-diversity is entrenched here than in the Amazon basin. Vast seas of green are visible in every direction. Smells of a million flower species saturate the air in a chorus of aromatherapy. Local mosquitos are so happy they drink the sap of daisies rather than blood.

The Arctic Shore

Like its sister cities Monaco, Cancun, Miami and Rio De Janeiro, Norilsk is only steps away from a gorgeous, crystal blue ocean. Hundreds of miles of white sand beaches are shared by polite beach goers and hummingbirds. Dolphins swim near the coast as lifeguards, saving children who venture too far. On the shores of Norilsk you will find only high culture and civility. There are no casinos, brothels, crack houses, mafia or hypodermic needles. You may sit without looking.

Polar Bears and Baby Seals

In the West, in supposed democratic, tolerant countries, baby seals are clubbed to death in a murderous frenzy. Polar bears are hunted for sport. In Norilsk, people and animals live as one, enjoying the same rights and priviledges endowed by their creator.