The kindness of the people of Norilsk knows no boundaries.

norilsk smelter operators drink tea and discuss philosophy after hard days work
Norilsk Smelter Operators Drink Tea

Angels and Saints

The people of Norilsk are saints not yet canonized. Long hours of work in nickel mines bring them a modest paycheck, much of which is donated to charity. If you ever decide to visit the city of Norilsk, there is no need to bring food or money. A Norilsk smelter operator would give his last potato to a hungry traveler.

Peace and Tolerance

Not a single criminal can be found here. Those who do arrive with a checkered past are so amazed by the kindness and beauty of Norilsk’s inhabitants that they themselves are set straight. Not a single act of crime has been committed within the last one hundred years.

Love and Sharing

Doors are never locked and during the summer months are left wide open. Residents of an apartment building are free to eat from each others refrigerator, sit on their couch and watch television. If a large sum of money is found under the homeowner's mattress, it may be taken, then returned, or not, it doesn’t matter.

Norilskites are not bothered by the trivial pursuit of wealth accumulation. To the decadent Westerner, these feats of human kindness seem impossible, like something out of a science-fiction workers' utopia novel. In Norilsk it is reality. The people of Norilsk live on a higher plane of consciousness, one of boundless love and sharing.

Diversity and Multiculturalism

Immigrants arrive in Norilsk from all over the former Soviet Union and the world. After the 2008 financial crisis, thousands of American refugees fled to Norilsk in search of a better life and a piece of the Russian Dream. Most live on the west side of town in what has become a vibrant immigrant community. They are free to carry on the corporate holiday traditions of their homeland with no fear of persecution from their Russian hosts. The Superbowl, Valentines Day, Wrestlemania and Easter Breakfast at McDonalds are celebrated with no less intensity and zeal.